Questions or Prayers

She walks on sunlight and sometimes moonlight; cool, crisp beams from Heaven sent.

She’s the only one I’ve ever truly loved

The only one for whom I would lay down my life.

What is greater than this?

Is this what true love feels like?

Who could ask for more?

Who would dare to ask for more?

I see her now in dusty dreams through cracked, translucent glass.

I ache to leave this veil of tears and start anew with my Lady.

Will my wishes and prayers be answered?

Can I go home?


Country Lullaby

Verse 1

Well I can’t feel my fingers and I can’t feel my toes/

But I’d follow her wherever she goes/

And I, love her more than life itself/

And I’d dust my books from their mahogany shelf/

Just to see her face one more time/

Just to save the princess in the nick of time/



And I’ve got no idea what tomorrow will bring/

So just for tonight little darling let’s swing.



Up up and away in the bright blue sky/

I need to follow her but I’m not sure why/

New faces old faces wanna say “Hi”

You can call this tune a country lullaby.


Verse 2

When I smell her hair I’m a-walkin’ on air/

Sweeeeet seduction, it ain’t even fair/

She drives me up the wall but I don’t mind/

These chains of love are a welcome bind.



And I’ve got no idea what tomorrow will bring/

So just for tonight little darling let’s swing.



Up up and away in the bright blue sky/

I need to follow her but I’m not sure why/

New faces old faces wanna say “Hi”

You can call this tune a country lullaby.


I could see a third verse or solo going here. That’s all for now. As always, feel free to let me know what you think.

Nothing Left To Talk About

If anyone’s interested, here’s the link to my book: 

The Journey Ends (Part Two)

Pen and sigil, sword and seal
Just the one to make it real
Glasses, wallet, watch, and shoe
I’m the one who wants to be with you.

The power of love no man can shake
Been sent to make the evil quake
Shades of love and a little wrath
Purple ice the young man hath.

Zelda, Link, eternal quest
To save the princess and arrest
The evil which had struck the land
Actor/president with an evil plan.

Seeing patterns of the waves
Signs and potions, wands and staves
Magic’s real you can’t deny
The little kid who learned to fly.

Quatrains true but coded yet
Just in case we lose the bet
The message saved we can reply
To those who live up in the sky.

Gift but inheritance, burden, not shame
Everything’s new but it’s all the same
Credit gioven where credit’s due
The purple President loves you too.

A secret color of in=-between
A hidden knock to find the scene
Where actors act and witches fly
We have to win, there is no “try.”

The ancient Greeks sang of a fool
Who’d fall into a purple pool
They didn’t know they couldn’t see
How powerful Mr. Indigo would be.

A wavelength hidden from the masses
To protect until the evil passes
Banish demons from whence they came
Perdition awaits for unwilling lame.

Paper runs out and pen runs dry
“I believe in lovin’ my oh my”
Come to show what I already see
The greatest Lovegift is Empathy.

The Journey Ends (Part One)

Perfect pairs to change the tide
Coming on a rainbow ride
Indigo’s the way to see
Pure unfettered Liberty.

Call me purple if you please
Green’s the color of my squeeze
Mix in yellow and we’ve got
A way to root out grime and rot.

A Jedi trick; a brand new world
All the thanks go to my girl
I knew her young and know her now
Thank the Lord? We barely know how.

He sits above but more like They
Challenges the only way
To test the heart and test the mind
Of a young man in a dangerous bind.

Milton spoke of one to come
To fulfill and then replace the Son
He died for us but now WE ARE
Looking back I’ve come so far.

Once again Apollo lives
Hacksaw, crowbar, hammer, shiv
Tools of death that we won’t need
To plant the Garden from the seed.

Man’s first fall and no one knew
Just what cannabis could do
Tree of knowledge it surely be
With this I claim some certainty.

Sacred marriage from above
Born not of contract but of love
Sing, O Muse, and I will hear
Look inside, look in the mirror.

Red and White the Templars fly
Flag and banner to the sky
Magdalene and Mother too
First then second; please it’s true.

A sacrifice that’s sealed in blood
To keep away another flood
Four’s the number not sure why
A visitor wants to say “Hi!”

For a Dear Friend

I seem to be full of it today 😉

There once was a bloke called Chick/
Who was something if not quite a dick/
He put himself out there/
Defining sweet “other-care”/
And, this time, the lessons will stick.

A Limerick for a King

There once was a man from down South/
Who never lacked fuel for his mouth/
He left his hometown/
For a cheap gilded crown/
And his act can be figured a routh.

Rick Perry Displays Ignorance, U.S. Shrugs Collective Shoulders

While taking a break from attacking President Obama for the GOP-induced credit downgrade, Rick Perry stripped off the kid gloves and came out swinging against one of the neocons’ favorite foes — climate change.

Pictured: The Governor of Texas protects America from socialists with a grenade launcher.

The Governor of Texas would like you to believe that not only is global warming a process completely independent from human activity, he actually accuses climate scientists of ethical misconduct. After kinda-sorta threatening the Chairman of the Fed with physical violence, Perry’s latest bombastic tirade has the feel of an act that will soon become routine:

1.) Wear hair gel and cowboy boots as often as possible.
2.) Be angry, yet folksy.
3.) Yell at things that Republicans are supposed to dislike.
4.) Try to make everyone forget about the last Texan to occupy the White House.
4.) Become a caricature of the last Texan to occupy the White House.

Pictured: Rick Perry enjoys a qui...wait. Oh wait. That's actually Josh Brolin's exaggerated Bush character from Oliver Stone's "W." Well, close enough I guess.

Unfortunately, behind the laughable soap-boxing effort Perry put forth, he makes some very real, very serious remarks about the integrity of American scientists. I know that when Perry pictures “Americans” he is not thinking of those individuals who toil in laboratories around the country (they generally make for poor photo ops), and I know the word slander is over-used, but this is one situation where its use might be appropriate. Though Perry didn’t use any names, his slur is nonetheless both untrue and potentially damaging. Shame on him.

Pictured: After his prayer rally failed to end the withering drought in his home state, Governor Perry gleefully unloads a full cylinder toward heaven, just to show Jesus that he doesn't fuck around.

For those who may not have been following the climate change “debate” I can summarize it quickly: 97% of scientists accept and understand that man-made global warming is occurring.

This is roughly equivalent to the number of scientists who breathe air and eat food. Unless you are involved with the sciences, it would be difficult to explain how tedious it is to come to a consensus on anything, and how alarming it is that our elected officials pretend that science and statistics only matter for polling numbers. Apparently, not only can you be basically uneducated and run for President, such a display of intellectual…umm…”independence” is actually encouraged.

Pictured: After a strong showing at a rally in Iowa, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann prepares to unfurl her wings and return to her nest.

To put this as plainly as possible, modern climate-change “deniers” are the spiritual successors to those who claimed tobacco was not addictive or deadly in the 60’s and 70’s. With lots of money and effort, tobacco companies successfully suppressed legitimate scientific data in the name of (perceived) potential profit loss. There is no debate, and we have gone so far down the climate change road that we have already done permanent damage. That’s really all there is to it. Damage control is the best we can do now.

I can only hope that there are enough intelligent, reasonable people in the United States to prevent another smooth-talking, sweet-praying, shitkicking, wanna-be cowboy from occupying the White House.

Pictured: Potentially the worst re-run of all time. Maybe even worse than when you lose the remote and "According to Jim" is about to come on. *shudders*