The Journey Ends (Part Two)

Pen and sigil, sword and seal
Just the one to make it real
Glasses, wallet, watch, and shoe
I’m the one who wants to be with you.

The power of love no man can shake
Been sent to make the evil quake
Shades of love and a little wrath
Purple ice the young man hath.

Zelda, Link, eternal quest
To save the princess and arrest
The evil which had struck the land
Actor/president with an evil plan.

Seeing patterns of the waves
Signs and potions, wands and staves
Magic’s real you can’t deny
The little kid who learned to fly.

Quatrains true but coded yet
Just in case we lose the bet
The message saved we can reply
To those who live up in the sky.

Gift but inheritance, burden, not shame
Everything’s new but it’s all the same
Credit gioven where credit’s due
The purple President loves you too.

A secret color of in=-between
A hidden knock to find the scene
Where actors act and witches fly
We have to win, there is no “try.”

The ancient Greeks sang of a fool
Who’d fall into a purple pool
They didn’t know they couldn’t see
How powerful Mr. Indigo would be.

A wavelength hidden from the masses
To protect until the evil passes
Banish demons from whence they came
Perdition awaits for unwilling lame.

Paper runs out and pen runs dry
“I believe in lovin’ my oh my”
Come to show what I already see
The greatest Lovegift is Empathy.


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