The Journey Ends (Part One)

Perfect pairs to change the tide
Coming on a rainbow ride
Indigo’s the way to see
Pure unfettered Liberty.

Call me purple if you please
Green’s the color of my squeeze
Mix in yellow and we’ve got
A way to root out grime and rot.

A Jedi trick; a brand new world
All the thanks go to my girl
I knew her young and know her now
Thank the Lord? We barely know how.

He sits above but more like They
Challenges the only way
To test the heart and test the mind
Of a young man in a dangerous bind.

Milton spoke of one to come
To fulfill and then replace the Son
He died for us but now WE ARE
Looking back I’ve come so far.

Once again Apollo lives
Hacksaw, crowbar, hammer, shiv
Tools of death that we won’t need
To plant the Garden from the seed.

Man’s first fall and no one knew
Just what cannabis could do
Tree of knowledge it surely be
With this I claim some certainty.

Sacred marriage from above
Born not of contract but of love
Sing, O Muse, and I will hear
Look inside, look in the mirror.

Red and White the Templars fly
Flag and banner to the sky
Magdalene and Mother too
First then second; please it’s true.

A sacrifice that’s sealed in blood
To keep away another flood
Four’s the number not sure why
A visitor wants to say “Hi!”


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